Period props for hire – teacups to typewriters

Out of Order Theatre has a wide range of practical props for our historical productions and we are looking to loan them to London based theatre companies. Our props mainly cover 1850 to 1950 but we have some that work for earlier periods. We’d ask for a small payment for the loan (a couple of pounds per week, depending on the item) with a more substantial deposit that would cover replacement costs should disaster strike!

We’re only a small company so we don’t have everything. For example, we have very little militaria so we can’t help you with frontline scenes for plays set in either world war. But we might be able to help on the home front. We also don’t have furniture or large items such as jukeboxes.

If you are interested in borrowing props then drop an email to with an outline of what you need (including basic production details), when you need it and for how long. We’ll get back to you with suggestions from our collection, including photos, and telling you how much the fee and deposit would be. If we don’t have what you’re after we might be able to help you find it.